300 ml SOFT


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300 ml SOFT

Information about manufacturer Al-Rehab Al-RehabPerfumes is an internationally known manufacturer of high quality perfume oils, sprays, attar and air fresheners.Al-Rehab is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading perfume manufacturer which creates fine traditional Arabian and oriental perfumes. Al-Rehabwas founded in 1975 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. For the production of fine perfume oils and attar Al-Rehabuses high quality ingredients and essences. The perfumes are made of precious natural essences (Oud, Rose of Taif, Incense, Musk, Sandalwoodand rare spices). Al-Rehab produces liquid perfumes, perfume oils (or attars, which is a traditional name of Arabian perfumes),You can choose a fragrance concentration you prefer: all perfume oils are alcohol free.


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